Who wants to get managed? Maybe your long and tedious list of pending tasks or may be your only true possession which remains with you from your birth to your last breath and you don’t realise the actual worth of it most of the times, your “TIME”. But question is, do we humans want to be managed? I don’t think so, even a manager wouldn’t want to be managed. This concept of “People’s Managers” is from the inception of industrialisation or may have roots way back before that time, but now it is dying slowly. Well, the fact is we human seeks leaders, someone whom we can look up to. Things require management, someone with life energy doesn’t. People always looks for visionary leaders. Manager and leader both terms are not similar, there is a difference of sky and earth in between them. Managers impose things and tend to drive their team according to them and which is somewhat true doing so actually, because this is what managing things mean, this is what has been taught to us from ages. On the other hand leaders are egoless people who gives priority to their team over them and leaders can be present at any level of organisation. I wish this corporate world full of visionary leaders and less managers.