In this evolving and rapidly growing corporate world, we often come across such forums where people are encouraging and preaching the value of speaking. It is a very essential quality of any person to speak his/her mind in order to communicate effectively. But these days somehow in this competitive environment, we have given too much attention and importance to speaking that people have forgotten the importance of Active Listening. 

We all have encountered situations and attended meetings and forums where people are speaking for the sake of talking or just to create relevance in the group. Is it really relevant to speak for the sake of creating relevance? Well, in some cases it may serve the purpose but for longer term people eventually loose focus and they will add you to the “Well Actually” group of people.(“Well actually” people are those, who always have something to add in any conversation just to show that they are worthy enough. Or in simple words, they are the “insecure ones” 😉 ).

Listening is hard, it takes patience and practice to understand other person and demands control on our own emotions and feelings. Our human mind is wired in such a way that it always tries to take easy path where chances of our identity being challenged, are very less. So we avoid active listening and start speaking without understanding other person’s point of view. Human Psychology says, this behaviour is caused by a very surviving instinct of our brain, which is protecting our social image created by ourselves from outside intruders. 

Good news is that, we can learn and practice active listening by spending few minutes on daily basis by giving complete attention to any conversation without immediate evaluation. And once we practice this we realise that we were missing so many things and there are so many things we could learn about everyone just by giving enough attention and keeping our mouth shut for few minutes 🙂

So next time when you will communicate to someone, are you going to open your ears and keeping your mouth shut, just for few minutes?